Programmer and performer of Replika Live which is designed in MaxMSP/Jitter. The project aims to make audience live the “live performance” experience more deeply with the help of live visuals. There is much more activity at the stage than the audience can observe with bare eyes. To share the stage experience with the audience; the stage will be surrounded by surveillance cameras. The cameras are placed in strategic areas of the stage that are designed to capture/grab significant details such as kicks of drummer, effect pedals of guitarists, hand movements over keyboards etc… Captured videos are projected and modified according to and on the basis of sounds from stage microphones (thinking… audience microphones) by VJ's manual and/or autonomous interaction.

Performed at;
Replikas Zerre Album Launch Concert with Ahmet Türko?lu, November 5th, 2008, Babylon, Istanbul.
Mor ve Ötesi Concert with Murat Durusoy, March 21st, 2009, Studio Live, Istanbul.

Special thanks to my supervisor Selçuk Artut.

ReplikaLive-Babylon from Ahmet Guzererler on Vimeo