2 Towers

Tower Rush

Capture enemy's castle.

How to play:
Player spawn units by holding unit spawn buttons for specified duration or more. If the player holds less than necessary time, the unit won't be spawned and spent time is lost. Of the player holds the button more than necessary time, the unit will be spawned but exceed time will be lost. The player can release spawned unit by the release button.

Units hit power are differs according to interacted unit type. Pikemen are stronger against horsemen; archers are stronger against pikemen and horsemen stronger against archers.

Realtime-adaptive enemy difficulty adjustment with based on linear regression.
Enemy spawn units according to battle simulation that is made continuously.
Units select an enemy unit to attack according to the maximum damage it can deal.

2018-01-03 11-52-35 from Ahmet Guzererler on Vimeo.