City in Progress
Ahmet Guzererler

The city is an organism which is driven by mankind and like any other organism, it is in a constant state of spread which is enforced through the work of the human. While the city is expanding, it transforms its surroundings into a desired area of escape.
As humans escape, they bear the city with them, together. After a point new areas are needed for “escape” and “Escape” becomes a passion where humans can ever reach.

City in Progress is an installation interactive video and sound installation which remediates this inevitable loop. Installation starts with a video and sound recordings which are recorded in Pulau Ubin which is an island with “protected” nature near the city of Singapore. In the installation space, as people walk towards to projection and pass the determined border, another sound and video recordings which are recorded at the city of Singapore are added to the actual projection and sound. As more people pass the “border” more the video and sound recordings from the city of Singapore are added and after a number of people, only the video, and sound recordings from Singapore re-projected and heard. After a whole minute with the “city”, the loop starts again with video from Pulau Ubin.

Exhibited at Lasalle University, Singapore
Exhibited at Bilkent University, Ankara

City In Progress from Ahmet Guzererler on Vimeo.